About us

Trata is the fishermen’s restaurant in the picturesque village of Ormos Marathokampos in the southwestern part of Samos. Ideally situated, between the two harbors of the village, with a spatious yard in front of the little beach of Ormos, find yourselves a table under the pleasant and refreshing shade of the trees and enjoy hearty and delicious lunch or dinner. 
In our ouzeri we offer traditional island delicacies  for your ouzo or wine.
With our fourth generation experience in fishing, we serve the finest fish and seafoood you could find. We strongly believe that nature offers the best materials and we always try to make use of it at the highest possible point avoiding food waste. In our place, you will find a wide variety of fish and seafood to choose from -most of them caught by us and local fishermen-  after they are displayed and explained to you from our staff. (see Gallery section)
You can taste authentic Aegean and Mediterranean cooked meals, different recipes everyday, prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Apart from our À la carte menu, you can choose your meal from the ”Today’s Special” list, a menu of two or three cooked meals that we prepare every day for you with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with respect to the availability and freshness of the local products and ingredients. 
Come, find a table under the trees on a hot summer day and relax with a glass of ouzo or wine by the sea views in front of you. Dare to order and taste all those fine and quality products the sea of Samos offers. Enjoy your lunch or dinner overlooking the port of Ormos.